Harry Potter Studios

As part of freshers week, my University ran a trip to the Harry Potter Studios- and as a fan of Harry Potter of course I could not miss out. Getting off the coach and amazed at even the thought of stepping inside, I went into full fan girl mode; (a mode only experienced when in close contact with designer clothes and musicians.) Wandering in, I was instantly captivated; seeing the props up close and seeing the hard work and detail in each specific one was none other than breathtaking.

I was mostly fascinated by the costumes of course. The little details in Dolores Umbridge’s costume and the layers in Hermione’s Yule ball gown made them by far my favourite pieces.


Dolores Umbridge-



A barbies spinsters dream. Pink and cats, what else could you want? Showing her major love for cats, my favourite thing about Dolores Umbridge outfits are the small details i.e the broaches that feature the cute little felines. For someone with a cute wardrobe she had a horrible personality.

Hermione Granger –



A major shock to Hermione Grangers wardrobe was the moment she wandered down Hogwarts steps in this stunning pink layered gown to head into the Yule Ball.  Capturing everyones attention and hearts, we all fell even more in love with her than we already did; and fittingly, so did Ron Weasley.

As expected, there was also a number of costumes on show-  even Professor Albus Dumbledore’s iconic cloak; made out of silk and hand embroidered. Designed with perfection in mind, each costume was formed around and for a specific character, all crafted with finesse and beauty.



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